Students of the Computer Systems Study Program are required to take part in certification in accordance with predetermined conditions. This certification aims to improve the competence of graduates so that they are able to compete in the world of business and industry. The certification consists of: Compulsory Certification and Optional Certification.

Compulsory Certification

No Compulsory Certification Explanation
1 TOEFL Beginning of semester III, V, VII, and VIII
2 Desktop Office Trainning (DOT) Beginning of Course Planning
3 Networking Competency Assessment After completing Semester IV
4 Microcontroller Certification After completing Semester V
5 Python Programming Certification After completing Semester VI
6 Elective Certification Select one

Elective Certification

No Elective Certification
1 Digital Marketing
2 Programmer Competency Assessment
3 Multimedia Competency Assessment
4 Design Computer (CGMT)
5 Animation Computer
6 Video (DGMTV)
7 Project Management Associate (PMA)
8 Supply Chain Associate (CSCA)
9 Network Security (FCNS)
10 Computer Hacking (FCCH)
11 Computer Forensic (FCFI)
12 Disaster Recovery Plan (FCDRP)
13 Web Programming
14 Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
15 Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)
17 MikroTIK
18 Mobile Application Development
19 AWS Certified Machine Learning
20 Certified Information Systems Auditor
21 IT Governance with COBITS
22 Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)